Connecting On Common Ground

Found a kindred soul in Orlando Weekly Editor, Erin Sullivan. We agreed to work together on an article for the Weekly on debtors prison in Florida. I have begun researching background materials and plan to do several days at the library next week. Digging in……

No news yet on Obamacare…..trying to finish Jim Wise latest book, DEAR WHITE AMERICA. Still trying to set up voter registration team, process. Challenging…..

Balance is the status I seek, in myself, and in the world. Not such a simple concept. Everyday brings new challenges, opportunities, options, and pitfalls. “I walk along the rim of the abyss, one foot on the steady soil….”(Katsansakis)


About ladiessewingcircleandterroristsociety

Former 60's activist, lived "the American dream", then came 2008. Consciousness expanding with books, politicking, volunteerism, teaching a Financial Management class, and more. Now, it's time to share, expounding, rabble-rouse, move toward activism. Won't you join me? My goal is to lift the veil, to expose lies and misunderstandings, to develop a dialogue, to enlarge the circle, to impact those who remain "victims" of a system they do not understand and did not choose.

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