Inspired By History

Just finished reading Tavis Smiley and Cornel West book THE RICH AND THE REST OF US. Further fuel on the fire. I find comfort in the thought that there are, apparently, others who share my interests, concerns, goals. I am working on mechanisms to share this information, spread the word, build a movement, and ultimately make a difference.

I want, and need, others to fill in the blanks adding their skills and talents so that we can begin to have an impact. How do we begin to address the needs of the poor so that they can lift themselves out of the cycle of poverty? The parts of which I am aware are as follows:

1. Funding needs to come from those who benefited from the creation of the current inequity.
2. Issues of healthcare, hunger, housing, and education need to be the among the first efforts.
3. Creation of communities, similar to kibbutzim, could form the matrix where efforts are focused on the homeless and those living under the poverty levels already identified.
4. Individual communities would have a form of self government for daily functioning.
5. Communities would include individuals, seniors, and families.
6. Economic self sufficiency would be a goal for each group with start up costs covered by the corporations, banks, and others who caused the housing and economic downturn.
7. Resources for training, crafts, clothing, foodstuffs, childcare, and healthcare would be based on the participation of the residents.

If the Superdome can be purchased for $500.000.00 dollars in Pontiac, Michigan, surely start up communities can be as affordable as well.

For the larger society:

1. Building skills, repairing neglected conditions, creating valuable institutions that are responsive to the needs of communities, and solving the inequities created by the 1% is where we are heading. Brave New World Revisited.

2. Cessation of the movement to privatize agencies, services and institutions would be required immediately.

3. A blend of capitalism with social components for healthcare and education would replace the current plutocracy.

4. Participation in these communities would be elected by the individual or the family.

5. Reformation of the prison system would focus on releasing those imprisoned for drug use, cessation of use of the death penalty, and implementation of programs focusing on education and rehabilitation.

6. Immigration reforms offering citizenship for those currently living in the U.S. and based on employment needs for future immigrants would be begun.

7. Support for all children to determine educational, healthcare, social and emotional needs would be instituted.

We must begin with an idea of where we want to go. What kind of world do we want to live in, and that which is needed. How to get there, the steps and stages remain to be discovered and developed.

Great progress can only be made when bold ideas are chosen.


About ladiessewingcircleandterroristsociety

Former 60's activist, lived "the American dream", then came 2008. Consciousness expanding with books, politicking, volunteerism, teaching a Financial Management class, and more. Now, it's time to share, expounding, rabble-rouse, move toward activism. Won't you join me? My goal is to lift the veil, to expose lies and misunderstandings, to develop a dialogue, to enlarge the circle, to impact those who remain "victims" of a system they do not understand and did not choose.

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